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Product notification to the Dutch Poisons Information Center

New product notification requirements starting January 1st 2021

From January 1st 2021 this website cannot be used anymore for the notification of product information to the Dutch Poisons Center. All accounts have been disabled. Instead, you have to notify the product information in a new format to the ECHA submission portal and ECHA makes the information available to the Dutch Poisons Center.

The notifications already submitted under the previous Dutch procedure (before 1-1-2021) will remain valid until January 1st 2025 unless you make any change which requires an update. In that case, you need to notify the product information in the new format to the ECHA submission portal. Also, independent of any change, before this date all your products have to be notified in the new format to the ECHA submission portal.

For more information on product notification to ECHA, please visit the ECHA Poisons Center website.
Companies can also contact the REACH and CLP Helpdesk for questions.

New NVIC emergency telephone number on SDS

According to REACH Regulation Annex II, it is mandatory to mention the emergency telephone number of the NVIC, as official advisory body, on the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). As our center is only available for medical professionals it is necessary to include the sentence: 'Only for the purpose of informing medical personnel in case of acute intoxications' or in Dutch: 'Uitsluitend bestemd om professionele hulpverleners te informeren bij acute vergiftigingen'.
From May 2021 the new emergency telephone number is: +31 (0)88 755 8000
There is no fee involved for the use of this number on the SDS.

The NVIC phone number may not be used on product labels because the NVIC only provides information to medical personnel in cases of acute intoxications and not to the general public.